Dr. Kamal J.K. Gandhi, Associate Professor

Kamal is a forest entomologist, and conducts research on all aspects of community and population dynamics of terrestrial insects. She considers herself as a disturbance ecologist with an emphasis on insect-plant interactions and chemical ecology. Kamal grew up in Delhi, India from where she received a B.S. in Zoology. She has spent the last 21 years in North America with a M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alberta and Ph.D. in Entomology and Forestry from the University of Minnesota. She has also worked in British Columbia, California, Michigan, and Ohio for her graduate and postdoctoral research. Working in a wide variety of ecosystems provided her with a broad perspective and appreciation for forest health and environmental issues across the globe.

At home, Kamal likes to spend time with her 7-year old daughter and husband, taking dance and weight-lifting lessons, traveling, and reading books. Some of her life's goals are to visit all the islands off the coast of Georgia and build a cabin for retreat in the Appalachian Mountains.

View UGA's Focus on Faculty about more details about her philosophy and career.

Email:; Phone: 706-542-4614



Brittany F. Barnes, Research Coordinator


Jimmy Dale Porterfield, Nursery and Research Coordinator



Jiangming Yao
Ph.D. Student, Guangxi University



Haley Ritger, Ph.D. Student (Summer 2015, co-advised with Dr. Steven Brantley)
Interactions between tree physiology and subcortical beetles in longleaf pines

Thomas Whitney, Ph.D. Student (Fall 2014, co-advised with Dr. Rima Lucardi)
Genetics of eastern white pine and Matsucoccus macrocicatrices
Ansley Silva, M.S. Student (Summer 2014, co-advised with Dr. Jim Beasley)
Effects of radioactive and heavy metal contamination on insect carrion communities
Christine Fortuin, Ph.D. Student (Fall 2014)
Pollinator communties in forest ecosystems



Brittany Barnes, M.S. 2012, University of Georgia, Research Professional

Kayla Brownell, M.S. 2014, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Inspector

Jordan Burke, M.S. 2011, University of British Columbia, Ph.D. student

David Coyle, Postdoctoral Researcher 2010-2015, University of Georgia, Extension Specialist

Jamie Dinkins, M.S. 2011, Professional Cyclist

Angela Mech, Ph.D. 2015, University of Georgia, Postdoctoral Researcher

Derek Robertson, M.S. 2014, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Research Technician

Ashley Schulz, M.S. 2015, Arkansas State University, Ph.D. student

Jenny Staeben, Ph.D. 2014, Landis International Inc., Professional Entomologist

Courtney Brissey, Senior Thesis 2012, University of Georgia, M.S. student

Madeleine Dupuy, Senior Thesis 2013, Utah State University, Ph.D. student

Shawn Harrington, Senior Thesis 2014, University of Georgia, M.F.R. student

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