Community and Population Dynamics of Forest Insects in a Changing World

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Welcome to the Gandhi Forest Entomology Laboratory at the University of Georgia! Our group's mission is to elucidate ecological principles underlying the communities and populations of forest insects in temperate ecosystems. As such, we work on a variety of insect taxa with a focus on terrestrial ecosystems across the country. We conduct both basic and applied research, train the next generation of forest entomologists, and assist foresters and land-owners with insect pest and conservation issues. We are multi-disciplinary, multi-national, and collaborate with many state and federal agencies across the world.



A paper on scientific career has been published in the journal Science

Kamal has been selected as a ESA Science Policy Fellow for 2015-2017

Welcome to Arya Aghdasi, a new research technician in the lab

A paper on mites and subcortical beetles has been published in the journal Environmental Entomology

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